Company profile

KeenCool Intelligent  is committed to providing data centers, communication base stations, energy storage and other scenarios with reliable, efficient, low-cost liquid-cooling integrated products and solutions. KeenCool Intelligent is a leading liquid-cooling technology enterprises, which aims to develop liquid-cooling technology and in collaboration with the customer to contribute to the social objectives of environmental protection and renewable energy.

KeenCool Intelligent adopts self-developed coolant, combined with high-precision flow field, waste heat recovery and other core technologies, which solves the high energy consumption, high noise, heat dissipation limitation, environmental constraint and other problems of traditional air-cooling, effectively extending the service life of the equipment.

Up to now, KeenCool Intelligent has reached a deep cooperation with the State Grid, China Telecom, China Mobile and other industry leaders, and has also landed large-scale liquid-cooling data centers and communication base station projects in Shanghai, Anhui, Zhejiang, Gansu and other places. KeenCool Intelligent is the first to complete the scale application of third-party liquid cooling equipment in the industry.


2020 KeenCool Intelligent was established, with a reliable, efficient, extreme, altruistic corporate culture, to become the Angel of China Science & Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, 2020 China Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Plan Competition Top10, and take the lead in Ningbo successfully build PUE less than 1.04 of the outdoor submerged liquid-cooled data center.

2021 Yunku intelligence was successfully selected by China National Quality certification and assessment committee to“Promote the Green Low-carbon energy-saving environmental protection industry outstanding contribution enterprises”, the submerged liquid-cooled product has been appraised and approved by the Science and Technology Assessment Center of the State Council of Science and Technology, and has won the German Red Dot China 2021 Contemporary Good Design Award, selected excellent cold source products for cooling data center of China Refrigeration Society 2021.

2022 As a leading enterprise in the submerged liquid cooling industry, yunku intelligence has successively compiled such liquid cooling industry specifications as“Reliability specification for submerged coolant”, selected green technology trading center“Green technology”, Hangzhou“Weiying Plan” enterprises, and completed the world's first network operation of liquid-cooled communications base station project on the ground operation, the same year, it launched the Wuhu liquid-cooled Big Data Center project.

2023 The company has taken the lead in the large-scale application of third-party liquid-cooled equipment in the industry, and has been established in large-scale liquid-cooled data centers and base stations in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui and other parts of the country, the feasibility and stability of the equipment have been fully verified in the project of Gansu single-phase submerged liquid cooling calculation center. In the same year, we reached a strategic cooperation with pinfire communications and obtained zero strategic investment from Pinfire Communications, once again demonstrating the strong r & D strength, product and market capability of yunku intelligence.