Cloud Cool Smart Beacon Communication together to complete strategic financing
Release time:2024-03-12 16:58:15


  In November, Hangzhou Yunku Smart Technology Co. , 2023 a RMB1 zero capital raising and strategic investment by a fund under the state-owned China Information and communications technology group. The two sides will carry out in-depth strategic cooperation in such areas as customized development of submerged liquid-cooled products and expansion of market channels at home and abroad.

  Beacon Industry Fund is an industrial investment platform jointly established by central government-owned China Information and Communications Technology Group and its listed company Beacon Communications (600498.SH ) . The company team consists of a group of highly educated personnel from Tsinghua University, New York University and other world-renowned universities, engaged in investment and management work for many years. The team is committed to finding investment targets that can become market leaders in semiconductor, network security, cloud computing, information and communications segments. As the CVC platform of the leading enterprises in the world, the company adheres to the investment idea of"Co-existence" and utilizes the powerful industrial resources in the field of communication, promote investment enterprises and listed companies to jointly build industrial ecological prosperity.


  Cloud Cool Intelligence and Beacon Fire Communication Cooperation ceremony site

    Hangzhou Yunku Intelligent Technology Co. , Ltd. is a leading domestic liquid-cooled technology enterprises, to provide the most reliable, efficient and low-cost liquid-cooled equipment and solutions for data center, Communication Base Station, energy storage and other scenarios, work with customers to contribute to the social goal of“Peak carbon and carbon neutrality”. The company's R & D team brings together experts in fields as diverse as thermodynamics, automation, artificial intelligence, chemistry and systems engineering, has obtained the National high-tech Enterprises, the National Green Technology Trade Center Green Technology Evaluation, Zhejiang Province, scientific and technological achievements registration certificate, and other certification, at present, it has been leading CDCC alliance and operator liquid-cooled white paper and other industry standards, participated in many industry reports and code compilation, continuously promote submerged liquid-cooled to form a unified industry standard.

  With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, Chip Computing and power consumption increase simultaneously. According to the report of Refrigeration Society, by 2025, the power consumption of data center in our country will reach 341.8 billion kWh, and the annual power consumption will account for 5% of the total power consumption of the whole society, and the proportion will continue to increase The telecommunications industry will consume 20 per cent of the world's electricity. In order to better meet the needs of large computing power, the government has introduced relevant policies. According to the national energy saving strategy and“Double carbon” plan, the PUE of IDC is generally below 1.3. Moreover, the step-by-step tariff reform measures, making the overall rise in electricity prices, reduce energy consumption demand further increase. In addition to the government, large Internet Enterprises, Ai leading enterprises, in order to achieve cost-cutting and efficiency, the heat of high-power IT equipment, energy saving, reliable demand is growing.

  In this era, the traditional air-cooled cooling technology is facing great challenges, and the liquid-cooled technology is bound to become the main trend of development in the future. Liquid cooling technology refers to the direct cooling equipment through the cooling fluid to achieve the natural cooling equipment. Compared with air-cooled technology, liquid-cooled technology is more efficient, less noise and less energy consumption. According to Sydie's white paper on the development of China's liquid-cooled data centers, the market size of China's submerged liquid-cooled data centers will reach 52.61 billion yuan in 2025. According to the current construction practice of the data center, the cold plate liquid cooling is faced with the challenges such as non-uniform technical route, long landing cycle and high coupling with the server. Yunku focuses on submerged liquid cooling, providing high performance-price ratio liquid-cooled computing center products and solutions that are decoupled from the server. The heat dissipation power of Yunku's single cabinet can reach 100 kw, which is suitable for application based on the air-cooled server, the server does not need to be modified to support rapid deployment. In Data Center, communication and other scenarios, single-phase submerged liquid cooling technology has more advantages in cost, operation, maintainability.

  Cloud cool intelligent master the industry's leading liquid-cooled technology, single-phase liquid-cooled breakthrough of the core technical difficulties and commercial problems. Through self-developed cooling fluid, high-precision flow field technology and multi-level intelligent control technology, a reliable single-phase submerged liquid cooling products, all-round help the national energy-saving new infrastructure. Up to now, the company has reached in-depth cooperation with giants in the industries of State Grid, China Telecom and China Mobile, in Shanghai, Zhejiang and other projects and large-scale liquid-cooled data center projects, the first third-party liquid-cooled equipment to complete large-scale applications in communications and other industries have occupied the first submerged liquid-cooled market.

  In Ningbo, the first outdoor modular submerged liquid-cooled data center with PUE below 1.08 in Zhejiang province was successfully built by Yunku Intelligence and state grid. The data center will save 65 percent of its floor space, 70 percent of its construction time, and about 242,200 yuan in annual electricity bills.


  Cloud cool outdoor modular immersion liquid-cooled data center

  In Hangzhou, the 5G BBU liquid-cooled base station built by Yunku Intelligence in Xiasha is the first single-phase submerged liquid-cooled base station in the world. At the same time, the company and operators in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian and other provinces to carry out energy-saving data rooms, a total of more than 1005g Cu/Du liquid-cooled cabinet deployment.


  The first single-phase submerged liquid-cooled base station in the world

  In addition, for energy storage scenarios, yunku smart and state grid and other energy storage industry head customers, the development of submerged liquid-cooled lithium battery temperature control system, it makes up for the shortage of thermal stability and safety protection of lithium battery under the existing technology.

    The success of this round of financing, is the beacon of communication for Cloud Cool Intelligence Strong R & D strength, commercial ability, industry market status of high affirmation. As the leading company of single-phase submerged liquid cooling, yunku intelligence will continue to strengthen the innovative research and development of liquid cooling technology, vigorously develop channel cooperation, and actively expand overseas markets, for domestic and foreign data centers, communication base stations, energy storage and other scenarios to provide high-reliability, high-performance, high cost-effective liquid-cooled products and solutions.