Qingpu Yunhu Data Center
Release time:2024-04-08 20:50:42

Project Overview

The Qingpu Yunhu Data Center (China Telecom Computing Power Efficient Dispatch Demonstration Project) is a new infrastructure based in the Yangtze River Delta region, carrying the important task of promoting the development of regional and even national digital economy. It is the first national platform in China to achieve diversified and heterogeneous computing power scheduling, making computing power manageable, controllable, and schedulable.


Construction scale

  • The overall budget of the Yunhu Data Center project is 400 million yuan.

  • The total price limit for mechanical and electrical engineering is 175.3 million yuan.

  • The liquid cooling engineering includes 2 machine rooms, 100 cabinets, and supporting facilities, with a cooling capacity of 2000kW.

Deployment plan

The liquid cooling cabinet adopts 20kW (model KCS-T021), liquid cooling distribution unit CDU (model KCS-C120), and coolant (model KC2005)

Deployment mode

Adopting a fully prefabricated modular deployment mode, it enables rapid deployment, on-demand deployment, and flexible expansion of liquid cooled data centers.

Immersion liquid cooling scheme

The 2N redundancy setting of the circulating system ensures stable operation of the system, and the external cold source adopts an open cooling tower